Hon Gary Gray AO MP

Gary and his family arrived in Australia from Yorkshire, England in 1966 and settled in state housing in Whyalla, South Australia.

Gary joined the ALP in 1974, joined a union that year and was Dux of Whyalla High School in 1976.

Gary got his first job in the local BHP steelworks. In 1981, he graduated from the Australian National University with a degree in Economics.

In 1983 Gary moved to Kwinana to study Education at the University of Western Australia before leaving WA to work with the Labor Party in the Northern Territory and then to work for Labour in the United Kingdom. In 1986 Gary was elected to the position of National Organiser in the ALP National Secretariat, Canberra. From 1986 to 1992 Gary worked on every state, territory and federal election campaign.

In 1993 Gary was elected as National Secretary of the ALP holding this office until 2000 when he moved to Perth with his wife, Deborah and their boys.

Gary was asked by the Chairman of Wesfarmers, to work as Executive Director of the West Australian Institute for Medical Research.

In 2001 Shell attempted to take over Woodside Energy, Australia’s biggest independent oil and gas company. Gary worked to keep Woodside an Australian company. Gary was made Director of Corporate Affairs and a member of the company executive team. In this position Gary represented Woodside before governments on four continents as a negotiator, advocate and leader. Gary left this position in January 2007 to commit full-time to the community of Brand.

Gary’s contribution to the Australian Labor Party and Australia’s democratic process was recognized in 2001 when he was awarded the Australia Medal. In 2003 he was invited to accept the high civil award of Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) and an Australia Medal. The citation for which reads:

For service to the Australian Labor Party and to politics through the introduction of modern campaign techniques, fundraising protocols for all political parties, affirmative action guidelines, and by strengthening the Party’s organisational and financial structure.

Following his election in 2007, Gary was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development and Northern Australia in the Rudd Government. In 2009, he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Western and Northern Australia. Gary is the only Federal Labor MP from WA to spend 100% of his time in the parliament in Labor’s Parliamentary executive.

In 2010 Gary was re-elected and appointed Special Minister of State & Minister for the Public Service and Integrity by Prime Minister Gillard.

In March 2013, Gary was elevated to Cabinet in the roles of Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism and Minister for Small Business.

Gary was re-elected in 2013 and took on the portfolio responsibilities for Shadow Minister for Resources, Shadow Special Minister of State, and Shadow Minister for Northern Australia. He serves on many Labor executive committees and committees of the Parliament including, Northern Australia and Electoral Matters.

In February 2016 Gary announced he would not recontest the 2016 Federal Election and offered to resign from the Shadow Ministry. He remains in the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Minister for Resources and Shadow Minister for Northern Australia.

     Parliamentary service

  • Elected to the House of Representatives for Brand, Western Australia, 2007, 2010 and 2013.


    Ministerial appointments

  • Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development and Northern Australia from 3.12.07 to 9.6.09.

  • Parliamentary Secretary for Western and Northern Australia from 9.6.09 to 14.9.10.

  • Special Minister of State from 14.9.10 to 25.3.13.

  • Special Minister of State for the Public Service and Integrity from 14.9.10 to 14.12.11.

  • Minister for the Public Service and Integrity from 14.12.11 to 25.3.13.

  • Minister for Resources and Energy from 25.3.13 to 18.9.13.

  • Minister for Tourism from 25.3.13 to 18.9.13.

  • Minister for Small Business from 25.3.13 to 18.9.13.


    Committee service

  • Joint Standing: Electoral Matters from 4.12.13.

  • Joint Select: Northern Australia from 9.12.13.


    Parliamentary party positions

  • Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 14.10.13. Shadow Minister for Resources from 18.10.13; Shadow Minister for Northern Australia from 18.10.13; Shadow Special Minister of State from 18.10.13 to 2.3.16.


    Party positions

  • Party member since May 1974

  • National Organiser, ALP 1986-90.

  • Assistant National Secretary and Director of Fundraising, ALP 1990-1993

  • Chair, ALP National Campaign Committee 1992-2000.

  • National Secretary, ALP 1993-2000.



  • Australian citizen, renounced UK citizenship

  • Born 30.4.1958, Rotherham, UK.

  • Married.


    Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BEc (ANU).

  • National Secretariat, ALP (ACT) 1986-2000.

  • Executive Director, Medical Research Foundation 2000-01.

  • Senior Executive, Woodside Energy 2001-07.

  • Parliamentarian 2007-present.



  • Awarded Centenary Medal 2001.

  • Appointed Officer of the Order of Australia, January 2003.